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Booklet Printing

Booklet and Brochure Printing Wirral


For the best price on our booklet and brochure printing please call 0151 324 5556 or use the chat app at the bottom of the page.

With our extensive range of booklets, you will be able to find the perfect booklet or brochure to help your business grow!

  • Perfect bound booklets; Glued spine, from 40 to 120 printed pages, printed in landscape or portrait
  • Stapled booklets; Pages are stapled/saddle stitched, holds 8 to 52 printed pages, printed in landscape or portrait
  • Wire Bound booklets: Bound with silver wire, from 20-100 printed pages. printed in landscape or portrait

If you are unsure about exactly what type of booklet you need to order email hello@nowprint.net or call 0151 324 5556 and we will be happy to help.

Perfect Bound Booklet and Brochure Printing Wirral

Perfect bound booklets are the perfect booklet for when you want to impress, they have a glued spine edge to give that professional look and finish. We supply perfect bound booklets from 40pp to 120pp this means that there will be plenty of room for both images and text.

These booklets are able to be printed portrait or landscape in a variety of different quantities and sizes. All the perfect bound booklets we supply are made with an outer cover that is thicker than the inner pages as standard, you can also opt to have either uncoated or coated inner pages with lamination options on the coated covers.

Stapled Booklet and Brochure Printing Wirral

If you have a lot of information to put in a booklet but need to keep the costs down, stapled booklets or saddle stitched booklets as they are also known are what you need. stapled booklets hold anything from 8 to 52 pages and can be supplied landscape or portrait in various amounts and sizes. The cover can be thicker paper than the internal pages, or the booklet can be self-covered which means that the cover pages are the same thickness as the inner pages.

Wire Bound Booklet and Brochure Printing Wirral

Wire bound booklets are a great way to show your product information but can also be used to sow presentations used as a notebook, calendars or a manual. We supply our wire-bound booklets in a number of sizes and quantities, they can hold 20 to 100 pages. With silk, gloss or uncoated options you can also choose to have a heavier cover.